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CARES K9 Adoption Option Dogs

CARES K9 Adoption Option is a privately owned dog adoption shelter founded in 1997. Formerly known as Central Animal Services, we are currently based in Leduc County, Alberta, near Edmonton. We are proud to be a no-kill shelter, just as we have been since the very beginning!

Our mission is to put ourselves out of business through the promotion of responsible pet ownership and population control initiatives. Population control initiatives include spaying and neutering all of our adoptable dogs prior to their re-homing.
We have happily seen a drastic decrease in stray and abandoned animals in Alberta over the last few years. Our goal is to continue to decrease these numbers until it is no longer a problem.

Currently CARES offers animal placement/rehoming services to public and private pounds, high-kill shelters, and rescue organizations in Canada and the United States. We also offer an owner surrender service to provide pet owners with an alternative to euthanasia.

You can view our current adoptable dogs here!

As CARES K9 Adoption Option is not publicly funded, we operate on a user pay system, meaning our adoption and surrender fees fuel the shelter. Donations are graciously accepted and make a meaningful impact on the lives of so many animals in need.

Differences between Adoption Shelters and Non-Profit Animal Rescues

What is an Adoption Shelter?

A shelter is an organization that takes in homeless pets in the community and from high kill shelters. It has a physical location you can visit that is not in someone’s home, where unwanted dogs are housed in a kennel type environment.

Popular shelters in Canada include the Toronto Humane Society, SPCA Montreal, and Vancouver Humane Society.

Shelters often receive government funding to help them with their work. Through that funding and donations from the community, they are able to pay staff members. Shelters also rely on the help of volunteers to socialize, play with, and care for the animals.

CARES K9 Adoption Option is a private dog adoption shelter. We do not receive government funding to pay our staff and for vetting, so our shelter is fueled primarily through the adoption fees of our dogs.

What is a Non-Profit Animal Rescue?

Animal rescues are often completely volunteer-run. As charitable organizations, they fund their work through donations from the community. Sometimes rescues are housed in one individual home, but more often than not, rescued cats and dogs are fostered in homes created through a network overseen by the rescue’s founders

Examples of animal rescues include Halifax Cat Rescue Society, Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario, and Home at Last Dog Rescue.

Many rescue organizations are breed specific, focusing on a breed that the founders love and appreciate.

Sometimes adopting from an animal rescue may be more difficult than adopting from a shelter. Because the rescue volunteers are more closely connected with their animals, they will look very closely at potential applicants, with a goal of finding a match that benefits both the animal and the person. They may also require you to foster your pet for a while before adopting to ensure you are a good fit. This can be very beneficial for both you and your new pet, in case it isn’t a good “fit”.

So is an animal shelter or an animal rescue the best place to adopt?

The answer depends on what you are looking for in a new pet, as well as what you’re looking for in an organization. Spend some time researching shelters and rescues near you, and you will find the best organization for your adoption needs!

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