2,388 dogs adopted and counting!

CARES K9 Adoption Option is a private dog adoption shelter. This means that we do not receive government funding to help pay our staff, cover vetting, or care for our dogs. We are fueled primarily by the adoption fees of our adoptable dogs.

Our adoption fees are collective and range from by-donation to $875 + tax.
• Senior dogs, dogs with ongoing health issues, and dogs with behavioral issues are usually by-donation or have low adoption fees.
• Dogs that are not highly adoptable (large dogs, dogs that require lots of training, older dogs, etc) or that are overlooked in the shelter and are with us for months, typically have adoption fees ranging from $375 – $575 + tax.
• Highly adoptable dogs (puppies, young dogs, small/medium breeds, etc) typically have adoption fees that range from $675 – $875 + tax.

The fees from our highly adoptable dogs help to cover the costs of our dogs that are hard to rehome, covering things like vetting, behavioral training, and months of care. Without this system, we wouldn’t be able to afford the time, costs, and resources needed to find homes for these wonderful dogs.

 All off the dogs that are adopted from CARES K9 Adoption Option are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, dewormed, microchipped/tattooed, and have had dental (if needed).

The adoption fee for each individual dog can be found on their profile here!

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