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Atticus (formerly Mr. Speckles)

Adopted July 2019

Hello, my husband and I had adopted our dog from you guys and wanted to update you on how he is doing. When we had adopted him, his name was Mr. Speckles. We ended up deciding on changing it to Atticus. Atticus has learned some different tricks since we brought him home. He now sits, walks nicer on the leash (although birds, mice and rabbits gets his attention quite a bit), he can shake both his paws, loves catching the frisbee and retrieve it and waits for a command to eat and take his treats. He especially has loved doggy daycare during the colder days and loves learning more every day. His favorite time of day is cuddling on the couch with mom and dad watching TV, getting lots of pets and on occasion a little howling. Although having a high prey drive, he is getting better with socializing with other dogs. He has been a great addition to our family and are so happy we chose to adopt. Thank you so much.

With love,
The Sheppard Family

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