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Blitzen & Melody

Adopted February 2018

A message from Blitzen and Melody’s mother!

Our first day together has gone very well.  Blitzen had one accident yesterday and once this morning but I think he was just marking his territory. No accidents with Melody.

The dogs get along well with each other. No food aggression or fighting over toys or bones.  Both dogs slept quietly in crates last night.

I believe Blitzen was a house pet before.  As soon as I opened the fridge he seemed to know that was where food came from and he was better than expected on a leash. He is supper cuddly and glued to me and once he learns what my boundaries are (ie you can’t be on my lap when I am eating and you don’t get table food) he is going to be an amazing pet.

Melody was not as timid as I would have expected when we got home. I took out some toys and she actually played with a couple of them and was sniffing around the house and socializing with Blitzen. She was not nearly as reserved as she had been in the crate at Pet Smart. As expected, she doesn’t know how to go up and down stairs and just froze when I took her outside on a leash. I did get her to walk on leash for a bit once I took Blitzen out with us.  He will be great to offer her direction.  When I need to pick her up to go up the stairs from my back yard or in my house she runs and cowers which is sad but she is already showing signs that she is going to trust me and I am optimistic that if I don’t push her she will have a very happy home here.

Thanks for making the trip to Calgary in such terrible weather so that I could adopt these two lovely pups.


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