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Daisy (formerly Ginger)

Adopted May 2018

We adopted Ginger in late May. She was super shy when we first brought her home. She obviously was used as a bait dog as she was covered in scars, broken teeth etc. We decided to change her name to Daisy. We figured a new name for a new life. When we got home she was super scared and didn’t want to get out of the truck. After a few minutes and some coaxing from my other Pit she came out and sniffed around. Within an hour or so she would crawl up on my lap and lick my face. It took some time but now she plays with the other dogs. We have 3 other dogs, another Pit, Shepard cross, a Teacup Yorkie and she gets along great with all of them. She is truly the most affectionate, gentle, loving dog I’ve ever had. Her favorite thing are rides in the truck and cuddling on the couch. She is a true sweetheart.

I’d like to thank CARES for taking our dog out of a terrible situation and putting her in our home.


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