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Adopted December 2016


I wanted to give you an update on 4 year-old Daphne (I kept the name you gave her) who came home with me 6 months ago, at the beginning of December 2016. It was just 3 days after she had all her remaining teeth extracted, had her eyes examined confirming that she is blind, and was spayed. Naturally, it took a while for her to heal and show her personality.

Once her gums healed and toughened, she was comfortable eating hard food and prefers the taste of it mixed with a canned stew dog food. She loves the soft treats that I bake for her so I make sure there are always some available.

To find her way around my home, at first she sniffed along the baseboards and intentionally bumped into walls and furniture she used as landmarks. Over time she has mapped out the floor plan and more confidently walks between things. Occasionally I’ll find her expanding into the less-used spaces.

It was obvious that she had never been walked on a leash before. It took a lot of patience, encouragement, and enticing with treats to teach her to walk with me. It was particularly challenging during the winter weather. Now she happily follows me on daily walks, going steady for half hour or more. She’s comfortable now with the sound of cars and is okay with being sniffed by other dogs. She easily wins the hearts of the people who meet her.

She enjoys riding along in the car. A few times a week I take her for a walk along the river pathways at various parks in and around Calgary.

Daphne is smart, cuddly, and happy, and continuously gains more confidence. She is starting to experience life more like an average dog and seems to be enjoying it.

Thank you for bringing Daphne into my life!


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