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Fig (formerly Chata)

Adopted August 2019

We adopted Fig (formerly Chata) in August. She was pretty timid but we could see there was a lovely and brave little soul in there. She has done so amazing! She is so confident already and brings so much love and snuggles to our family and those who meet her. I’ve always wanted a Chi and everyone told me they were yappy, rotten little dogs. It couldn’t be further from the truth with her. She doesn’t bark, is well balanced and most importantly is amazing with our kids. We are so grateful she came into our lives and we enjoy our adventures with her. I’m hoping to get her certified as a therapy dog in the next year or two. But first, she gets to be a puppy and gain more confidence (after raising her own puppies at only 1 year). Thank you CARES for rescuing these dogs up and giving them a chance at a better life!

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