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Milo (formerly Mogali)

Adopted January 2020

Hey! Thought I’d give you a quick update on Mogali!

When we got home with him Sunday evening, the kids and I were playing with him and accidentally called him Milo! His ears perked up and he came bouncing in with his tail wagging! So that is the name he chose 🙂

Milo does amazing during truck rides, he absolutely LOVES the kids. LOVES squeaky toys – plays the squeaker out within days 😂

Within 2 days he learned to sit before/after getting his leash on/off. We don’t even need to ask him now. He just sits as soon as he sees it!

He is non-destructive during the night while he’s left to roam. Which he doesn’t – he sleeps all night in my daughters bed with her.

He has had only 2 accidents in the house while we’ve been home!

There are some quirks to work through with him: he is terrified of the stairs in our house, loud noises, and he’s destructive when we left him home alone, so now we’re working on kennel training for when the kids have wrestling practice a couple times a week.

Milo just wants to be everywhere we are, so lucky for him he’s been coming to work with me daily! He is seriously super smart, attentive, and loving! Thank you SO much for rescuing him and letting him find his forever home! We are so absolutely grateful!!

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