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Pippin (formerly Chompers)

Adopted January 2018

We would like to update you on Chompers, now called Pippin, whom we adopted in January 2018. We love him so much and feel so lucky to have him as a part of our family. His behaviour has been excellent: he rarely barks, he listens to commands, and has not had any accidents in our house. He is easygoing and content to join us for long walks, play fetch with his dad, or fall asleep with us on the couch watching a movie. He loves to make himself comfortable and snooze on a cushion, fuzzy blanket, lap, or anywhere there’s a sunbeam. He is getting spoiled rotten with toys, pets, and cuddles! He loves attention and enjoys going from lap to lap for cuddles when we have company over.Thanks so much for connecting us with Pippin! Adopting him is definitely the best decision we’ve made.
Tonya and Jared
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