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Radar (formerly Takira)

Adopted March 2018

We adopted Tekira, renamed Radar, because of her adorable huge ears. She has a loving human sister and they have spent time together while we were on vacation.

My story..by Radar Fedumecarnio:
I love my adoptive parents and their family and friends. I have met a few other dogs in the park and sometimes I am a little shy but my giveaway wagging tail lets them know that very soon I will be ready to play. My parents give me only the best and healthiest of food and treats. Guess what? .. I get to sleep with them! I have a big back yard to run and play in. I have learned to heel .. fetch … sit .. stay .. wait .. I am so darn smart and cute. I have a beautiful collar that has little jeweled dogs on it and lots of toys and a couple of sweaters for cold weather. I really hope that all pets find loving forever homes like mine! Oh yes..I have a Buddyrider too and I can go for rides on the bicycle with my mom and dad. I will send along some pics. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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