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Ramona (formerly Tamara)

Adopted January 2020


One week ago today I adopted Tamara, and just wanted to give a little update!

We decided to rename her Ramona, to match the punk rock look she has going with her little mohawk on her back.

She’s settling in really well. She loves her toys, going for walks, and snuggling under the blankets at bed time, and has been really sweet, cuddly, and quiet. She’s very well behaved. The other day, her leash slipped out of my hand and I only had to call her once for her to come right back to me.

She started to show some dominance/aggression towards Max when we got her home (particularly when she’s sitting next to me) but we are working on that and she’s learning really quickly! They can both sit on the couch together already, and she has started trying to play with him when we get up in the morning, which is super cute. They can eat together just fine (though she likes to chase him away from his food bowl so I have to supervise haha) and they get along great on walks. I think over time they are going to become good friends.

Thank you all so much for adopting her to me. She’s an amazing addition to my family, and I’m so happy to have her!


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