2,388 dogs adopted and counting!


Adopted April 2019


I am so grateful to have the means to adopt all of the animals that we have so far. Our latest addition to the family being this handsome guy. Tag came to us all the way from Texas! He was an owner surrender at the age of five due to aggressive behaviour. Ummm, well the only aggressive behaviour that we’ve noticed from him is with other dominant male dogs. Something that he’s been improving on through regular walks and training. Other than that, this dude is just a big goofball! He’s so great with our other pup and our cats, he’s amazing with kids, and he loves on every single person he meets! It breaks my heart knowing that he may not have been treated very well in the past.

We don’t know much about his history so he might have gone through multiple owners before finally finding us, he might have been picked on by other males in previous shelters, he might have gone through multiple traumas, physical or emotional, that makes him act the way he does around other dogs. But to us? He’s perfect. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of challenges with him. This was the first rescue dog that I had ever adopted myself, with the help of my boo of course. Koda was already in Ty’s life before I met them. It’s true when they say that challenges faced with a rescue can be similar to those with a puppy. He’s had multiple accidents in the house, he’s gotten into things he shouldn’t have, he’s gotten into it with Koda, he’s snapped at our cats, and listening definitely wasn’t his strongest skill at first. But now, man does he love to make us happy. He’s learning so many new commands, both verbal and hand signals, he’s built such a beautiful relationship with all our animals, and he brings so much joy to our days. Just look at that smile!

If you ever have the choice, please consider adoption. There are so many angels out there just waiting to bring so much love to you and your family!

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