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Adopted February 2018

Good Afternoon!

It’s been just over a week now and I just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how Tilly is doing.

She is settling in quite nicely and, while she is still somewhat timid if we move towards her too quickly and doesn’t like to walk on a leash outside yet (we will keep working on it), she loves her new family (people and pups alike) and is happy and content just to be around.  Conner has been feeding her by hand to try to help her trust him and I think it is definitely paying off!

She has found her favorite spot in the living room and loves to run and play in the dog run.  She play pounces in the mornings and when we get home from work/school and loves our evening cuddle time when we read in bed.  She seems to find comfort in our older dog (Daisy’s) presence and seems to be more confident and comfortable here every day!

I have attached few of my favorite pictures so far.  Thanks for bringing us the adoption option and have a great weekend!

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